Tammin Sursok Bio, Husband, Kids, Age, Net Worth, Height

Originally from South Africa, Tammin Sursok has awed many Aussies from the TV screen-Home and Away, The Young and The Restless, and Pretty Little Liars. She is a feasible actress, undertaking both independent Dani Sutherland and wealthy bikini model, Sienna to perfection. On the outside, she doesn’t care about the stereotypical beauty standards; well, she has been bullied due to her heavyweight in the past.

What lies behind the TV characters, played by Tammin Sursok?- a happy family? Indeed! Let’s connect to an Australian actress, Sursok’s movies, TV shows, net worth, married life, husband, family, and wiki-facts.

Movies, TV Shows, and Net Worth

Tammin Sursok was in ‘Home and Away’ when she was only 10, the year where she hired her own agent. She thought people always get the role following the first audition. After four years of playing Dani Sutherland, she pondered to expand her vulnerabilities and creative sides. Hence she left the soap opera and signed with Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Eventually, she dropped her first album, ‘Whatever Will Be’ which mounted on the music charts for two consecutive weeks.

Tammin Sursok Movies, Net Worth, TV Shows
Tammin Sursok was in ‘Home and Away’ when she was only 10, the year where she hired her own agent.| Source: Cosmopolitan

Again, she focused on TV and film projects from 2006 onwards. Sursok played her subsequent part in the movie, Aquamarine and then, personified Colleen Carlton on ‘The Young and The Restless’. The later one earned her mixed reviews as well as a Daytime Emmy Award nomination. Next, she pulled off an affluent bikini model on ‘Hannah Montana’ and a blind teenage girl, Jenna Marshall on ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Sursok continued her charms on TV through Airship Dracula, Bound and Babysitting, You May Now Kill The Bride, Girlfriends of Christmas Past, and My Killer Client.

Fortunately, the TV appearances and album royalty has provisioned her lucrative net worth ever since she started to explore the industry. Tammin Sursok enjoys a net worth of $2 million; after all, she has been starred in the most highly-rated TV shows.

Romantic Italian wedding

Tammin Sursok has lived her dream with her husband Sean McEwen on 24 August 2011. It was the most romantic nuptial in Italy. She has been to Italy most of the time during the movie project and date with Sean McEwen, who is an actor, producer, and director. When the duo visited one of the hotels in Florence, Italy, they planned to hold their big wedding there. Consequently, the wedding became famous for extravagant dinner parties, sophisticated breakfast series, and elegant cocktail events in 2011.

Tammin Sursok Husband, Wedding, Daughter
Tammin Sursok with her husband, Sean McEwen, and daughter, Phoenix Emmanuel Sursok-McEwan| Source: People

Even, Sursok took some of her spare time to appear in the movie ‘Sleeping Around’ in the midst of her marriage. Now, the spouse is the parent of two adorable (kids) little girls- Phoenix Emmanuel Sursok-McEwan and a toddler, whose identity isn’t revealed yet.

Loved music since childhood days

Born on 19 August 1983, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tammin Sursok has lived in different parts of the world. Therefore one can notice a change in her accent. First, she hailed from South Africa, then resided in Sydney for more than a decade, and finally shifted to Los Angeles.

Audiences have witnessed her from a young Dani Sutherland to five feet and six inches tall Sarah Corso in the indie film Driving By Braille.

She is the only child of Daryl and Julie Sursok, who immigrated to Australia after four years of her birth. Her mother, Julie Sursok, is a trained pianist and guitarist. It must be a reason; she enrolled at the Sydney Youth Musical Theatre and later, signed Sony Music at 21 years-old.  To add an academic qualification, she studied drama and speech at Ravenswood School for Girls, in Gordon, Sydney.